Quality Control

First of all, the research and development mainly focuses on high-quality imported raw materials from the selection of materials. Each raw material is strictly tested. The ink formula has been repeatedly verified, from printing fluency, to picture quality, to the stability of high and low temperature cycle experiments, and is fully verified to be qualified before production. Secondly, the development of strict raw materials and product acceptance quality standards, each batch of raw materials are inspected, qualified party put into use. Each batch of ink produced is tested and qualified parties are put on the market.


Over the years, we have conscientiously implemented the production concept of "environmental protection, economy and high quality", and through the strategy of "low cost", the company's cost level is greatly higher than that of competitors; the company has built an advanced sewage treatment system, the production process is comprehensive and environmentally friendly, and the product content is in line with national standards, and has been OEKO-TEX®-ECO PASSPORT certification. Through environmental protection, we can achieve no disorderly discharge of sewage and wastewater in the production process, and strive to achieve "good ecology and good products".

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Zhuhai Colour Spring Digital Technology CO., LTD

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