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Zhuhai Colour Spring Digital Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2016, is a manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in the research & development, production, sales and service of digital textile pigment inks. The company has advanced experimental instruments, delicate testing equipment, a professional R&D team, and a fully advanced automatic production line , and has obtained OEKO-TEX in product quality control and environmental safety ®, authoritative certifications from official institutions such as SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001 etc.


Each batch of ink products we produce has undergone strict printing testing, and only products that pass our printing test can be officially put into mass production and the markets. At present, our company's hot DTF pigment ink and DTG pigment ink have been exported to dozens of countries internationally. Our average annual output is over 6000 tons, and our average monthly sales volume is over 500 tons, ranking among the top in the industry in terms of tonnage.


For many years, we have always been committed to providing customers with economical, high-quality, and environmentally friendly ink products as our corporate cultural purpose. Continuously allowing customers to experience the value and service of Colour Spring Ink, only customer’s recognition and support is the cornerstone of our survival and development. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit our company and establish a win-win strategic partnership. Colour Spring ink makes your life beautiful !


Zhuhai Colour Spring Digital Technology CO., LTD

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